February 2017 Update

If you have noticed, there has not been an “Individualization” for the entire month of February and that is because I am dropping the series. I thought I would enjoy writing it and for a couple weeks, I did. Not long after I just became bored writing practically the same thing month after month.

To replace this I will be posting articles in a “2-1-2-1” format. The change will officially start in May, this is because I would like to have a certain amount of articles posted in 2017 and to achieve that I will post an extra article in April to make up for January having 1 actual article. Below will be a list of planned articles. I am only presenting the list from March to June as I am confident that I want to write the following articles.


  1. Top 5: Comic Book Video Games
  2. A Twisted Lego Batman


  1. Comics to Movies: Squirrel Girl
  2. Backlog Review: Vision


  1. What With Wrong With Civil War II
  2. Legacy War: Robin


  1. Nostalgic Remembrance: Avengers Academy

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