A Hero Tested – Batman

Disclaimer: The rights to Batman and all the villains mentioned in the article are owned by DC. Lego Batman is a film distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Written by Seth Grahame-Smith and directed by Chris McKay.

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By: Christopher Johnson.


  1. Introduction

After watching “Lego Batman” the ending inspired this idea: how would Batman fare against three villains that he wouldn’t normally fight. In this article, I will spoil the ending to Lego Batman, the challenges Batman will face, who will present the challenges and how I feel Batman would be able to overcome each challenge. Enjoy.




  1. The Finale

Lego Batman was such a fun film and the finale is no exception. The finale of the film was simple, venture into “The Phantom Zone” and build an army of villains from various universes and then attack Gotham City using said army. As much I enjoyed it, I would like to look at this finale from a different angle.


  1. The Challenge

I honestly believe that this final battle would have made an excellent animated movie centered around Joker traveling around gathering up some of DC’s absolute worst villains. Forcing Batman to fight these villains by himself. This could be a great way to showcase Batman’s detective and critical thinking skills as he would have to find a way to single-handedly defeat each villain and would challenge him in three ways. “Against Magic”, “Against Intelligence” and “Hand to Hand Combat” Let’s meet the villains that Batman will be facing.


4A. The Villains- Who are they?

Now, the question is this: Which villains would Joker assemble? Here are the 3 I have selected and why.


Ares is a Wonder Woman villain who is able to absorb the psychic energies given off by War, hatred, anger, death and bloodshed. I feel Ares would pose a threat because this is an attack on Gotham City. Ares would be powered by the attack, posing a dangerous threat to Batman.

   -Gorilla Grodd

Grodd is a telekinetic gorilla and a villain of the Flash. He has the ability to control people with his mind, fire telekinetic bolts and among other abilities. Grodd would pose a mental challenge to Batman, testing the bat’s mental capabilities.

  -Silver Banshee

Silver Banshee is a woman who was cursed by a mystic force. She is a villain of Superman and has the ability of sonic screams and has a stare that can kill anyone as long as she knows their real name.

4B. The Villains- How to Defeat Them?

Now that you know the villains, here is my thoughts on how Batman would defeat each one.


Ares is a god of Olympus and is invincible to mortal weapons. Batman’s only way to use magic is the “Hellbat” armor. This is a suit of armor created by the Justice League so Batman could be even more overpowered and take on superhuman threats. Of everything the suit has access to, it can use magic. Therefore I believe Batman could easily win in a fight against Ares due to Batman’s hand to hand combat training.

The Hellbat suit may give Batman an insane edge, but it also drains his energy, therefore, he can not use it against all the threats or else it would kill him. Batman would save Ares for last so he can be at the top condition for the other two.

  -Gorilla Grodd

Grodd would begin by trying to attack Batman by controlling him. This wouldn’t work as Batman is very focused and would easily snap out of it. Gorilla Grodd is a genius, therefore, Batman would not be able to outsmart him and Grodd is very strong and very durable so he could hold his own in the fight. Batman would have to win by staying out of sight and slowly weaken him while using the shadows to stay away from Grodd. This would cause Batman to careful plan each strike and change his method of attacks as Grodd is smart enough to develop various plans for each way Batman could attack him. Eventually, Grodd would fall after a long and drawn out fight.

  -Silver Banshee

Banshee’s death stare would prove to be ineffective as she would not know Batman’s real name. Banshee would test Batman’s ability to fight in hand to hand combat. Not only would her sonic screams pose trouble for getting in close, but her short range teleportation, accelerated healing, and strength would cause problems. Anyone who is able to go toe to toe with Superman would be difficult to defeat. Ultimately, Batman would win because eventhough she might have powerful screams, so does Black Canary and it has been shown that Batman has a plan to fight any Justice League member if they become out of control. Surely he would know how to handle sonic screams. As for the fight itself, it may be difficult, but with enough bearings to throw her off balance and a few well-placed punches, Silver Banshee would be taken down easily.

After Batman handles these three, the Joker would pose no match and Batman wins.


  1.  Final Thoughts

Ares,  Silver Banshee, and Gorilla Grodd were chosen not only to the challenge they could pose to Batman but also how recognizable they are. All three are lesser known villains who have ties to TV or film. Gorilla Grodd is a villain in the Flash TV show, Silver Banshee appears in Supergirl and Ares will play a role in a future DC movie. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this. In the future, I hope to write more thought based pieces on DCtv shows and of course, there will be film reviews If you would like to know when those articles are released, please “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or follow @CJohnson0545 on Twitter.


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