Discussion Time: A Squirrel Girl TV Show?

DISCLAIMER: The rights to the character belong to Marvel Comics. The thoughts in this article are mine.


By: Christopher Johnson



Series Recap

In part 1 of this series, we looked at who Squirrel Girl is and in part 2 we looked at her power set and how she could have defeated Dr. Doom. To finish off the three-part series, I will discuss my thoughts on a Squirrel Girl TV show and how it might play out.


The Discussion:

A TV Show?

Squirrel Girl is a more casual superhero, so a laidback sitcom esque show would be perfect for her character.

The Setting/Tone?

I think this would work out great if it was set in a high school and featured her day to day life except every once in awhile a scary villain can show up and Doreen defies all odds and defeats them in a comedic way. I believe it could succeed in what “Agents if Shield” tried to do before it became a serious show.

The Villain?

I honestly don’t think there needs to be an overarching villain or story. Just a series of 2-3 episode arches is all the show needs.

Of course, some villains would appear at times, I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing Whirlwind, Wizard, Slapstick or some other minor villain just to make things interesting.

Other Thoughts

If I would have to pick a network, I feel ABC would be the best place for it. Netflix should be reserved for Marvel’s more darker shows.



Of all heroes, why did I choose Squirrel Girl? Well, I picked her because I like the goofiness of her character and feel a laidback sitcom show would be interesting to watch. It could be a great way to bring relatively unknown villains to the small screen and introduce them to the world. This concludes my three part series on Squirrel Girl.  If you would like to know when the next article series is released, simply “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or follow “CJOHNSON0545 on Twitter to know when it’s released.

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