Individualization feat. Infamous Iron Man 3

DISCLAIMER: This is a series written by Brian Michael Bendis. All characters are owned by Marvel Comics. Thoughts are all mine. A SPOILER WARNING has been issued for Infamous Iron #3 and Civil War II #8.


Thoughts by: Christopher Johnson

Story by: Brian Michael Bendis

Art by:  Alex Maleev


  1. Introduction:

Infamous Iron Man #3 centers around why Doctor Doom choose to take the mantle of Iron Man. If you missed the review for the second issue it can be found here. This issue also features a fight between The Thing and Doom, The Thing in Latveria and THE MOTHER OF DOOM!


  1. The Review!

-Cynthia Von Doom

The mother of Doom appears at the start and the end of the issue, but with no real reason. I mean I am sure she will have a purpose in issue 4, but in this issue, she is just there. I feel that has been a negative aspect of this series, people being in an issue who either have no relevance to the series or who will not be relevant until the next issue. 


-The Thing vs. Doom

The fight did not last long, but I really enjoyed it while it happened.  Doom ended the fight by teleporting away before the fight ended. While I enjoyed the fight, I am sad with how short it was. Hopefully, the will be another fight between the two later in the series and we can see the two just go at it as I do not think it will be easy for Doom to convince Ben Grimm that he is now a hero. As the issue concludes Cynthia(The mother of doom), reveals herself to Ben as he is in Latveria. I am interested in how this conversation will go.


-Doom’s Motives

In 2015, Marvel had the event “Secret Wars” where Doom was a false god over this universe. During his reign, Doom had everything he had ever dreamed of; total power and Sue Storm as his wife, until Reed swooped in and stopped him. This made Victor think about his true purpose. If achieving ultimate power isn’t his purpose them maybe instead of trying to conquer humanity, he should protect it instead.


This wasn’t what I expected and yet I feel it is a very convincing reason. Doom is an intelligent man, so after having everything he could have ever wanted in his grasp, he decides that maybe that is not his purpose in life. I think this is a very interesting route and adds character to Doom and suddenly gives depth to this series.


– What is Amara’s Deal?

I do not understand how she is acting. Victor pours out his heart and explains why he wants to be a hero, but she immediately just yells at him and calls him a monster.  It seems this label comes from how he acted in the past, but I feel it is unfair to Doom as she is not trying to look at who he is now. She is too caught up with who Doom was and refuses to give him a second chance, and I think that was a good move.


With who Doom was, there will obviously be skeptics, people who are not totally sold on the idea of a heroic Doom. I think that works because giving Doom someone to prove himself to just adds to the tension. I am excited to see where Bendis takes this in future issues.


  1. Conclusion: Overall Thoughts?

In conclusion, Infamous Iron Man started off interesting, and now this is easily the best issue. Giving Doom a sense of character and logically showing him becoming a hero was a great move on Bendis’ part. I have never been a fan of Bendis, but I have to give him credit right now, hopefully, things do not fall apart later on. If you are interested knowing when the next review for either ‘Champions” or “Infamous Iron Man” is out simply “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or follow Cjohnson0545 on Twitter.

Do I Recommend?: YES! ABSOLUTELY!

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2017 Expectations in the Comic Book Industry

Disclaimer: This article contains information owned by Marvel Comics and DC. None of the characters or stories were created by me, but the thoughts are all mine.


By: Christopher Johnson


Before we begin, if you are interested in Comic Books or Comic Book Movies and want to be reminded or do not know what I predicted over a year ago, click here to see what my 2016 predictions were. If you are interested in an article where I explain what ways I was right and the ways I was wrong, please let me know and I will do that at the end of the year. I feel it is now too late to do that for 2016. At the bottom of the article is a poll concerning the question presented. Please vote if you have time.

2016 was a good year for comics in both the movie and book formats, and 2017 is looking to be just as good. To kick off the new year, here is what I expect out of comic books and comic book movies in 2017.

Comic Books

  • I predict “Champions “ will be the first series I stop reviewing in 2017. It has a unique and interesting premise, but I fear the book will become boring and will not hold me on as a reader. I predict the finale of the second act is where I drop off.
  • I “predict” I will do a Backlog Review of 4 series in 2017. “Spider-Woman(2016)”, Vision (2016), U.S.Avengers (2016-Ongoing) and either Monsters Unleased or a series yet to be announced. Spider-Woman is a series I dropped off when it became too boring. When it relaunched in the second half of 2016, I did not bother to read. At the end of this month, I plan on reviewing the first run of the relaunch to celebrate this blog’s 2 year anniversary.  2016’s Vision is hands down my favorite series of 2016, so I want to review it to share why I feel this way. U.S.Avengers is the follow up to my second favorite series, “New Avengers”. Reviewing this series will be my way of making up the failed review series of the previous title. Monsters Unleashed is a mini event that sounds cool. It will probably be the last series I review and an even more interesting title may be released by the time I release the review.
  • -I believe 2017 will be a better year for Marvel Comics as they will hopefully learn from the disaster of Civil War II and come out swinging in 2017. Marvel just needs a series to regain readership a la DC’s “Rebirth”. I also predict DC will once again dominate the comic market as the “Rebirth” strives forward.

2. Comic Book Movies

  • Of the CBMs I plan on seeing in 2017, I believe my top 3 will be Logan, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. Logan looks to be an emotional rollercoaster that will be a movie worthy of being Hugh Jackman’s last film as Wolverine. Spider-Man looks to be at home with Marvel and Michael Keaton as the Vulture may be the best villain casting of 2017. Guardians just looks to be as fun as the previous film, and that is a great thing.
  • As I will discuss in Feb, DC has left much to be desired in terms of movies, so I do not have hopes for Wonder Woman and as much as I want “Thor: Ragnarok” to be amazing, I fear it will just be too over crowded. As much as I want DC to have a really good movie, I do not see that movie being Justice League as long as Zack Synder is in control.
  • I predict “The Lego Batman” movie will be the best CBM featuring a DC hero while Marvel’s best will be Logan.

3.  Comic Book Video Games

  • Video Games are a category I normally don’t talk about on this site, but with Injustice 2 and the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game bein released in 2017, do not be shocked if at least one article for each game is released this year
  • I will predict Injustice 2 and the Spider-Man game will both have engaging and enjoyable stories but will fall short of my favorites games in both franchises(Injustice 1 and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions)


I really do feel like 2017 will be a good year for comics and CBMs. I am also excited for future articles I plan on writing. If you are as well, then feel free to “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or follow CGJohnson on Twitter.

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Topic Review: Racism in Comics

DISCLAIMER: The characters and stories are owned by Marvel Comics, the thoughts are mine.



Written by: Christopher Johnson


Racism has been the bane of existence in the world for as long as history can remember, and it continues to damage us today. Just as it prevents us from being united,  it haunts the Marvel universe as well.  In this article,  we will take a look at the racism present in the “Extraordinary X-Men” series by Jeff Lemire and “Avengers A.I.”  by Sam Humphries,  and how they can be related to the racism in our world.

Avengers A.I.:

A. What Happened?:

In this series, we see the androids Victor Mancha and Vision are harassed by crowds in several panels throughout the series.  This is because of a looming A.I. threat that made the crowds angry towards all A.I.s.

B. Real World Connection:

This can clearly be linked to what is happening now with Muslims. ISIS has shaken us to the core and a large population of Americans outright hate all Muslims, but this is not the only example. There are many war veterans from WWII who have very ill or racist feelings about German and/or Japanese people. It’s not right, but that is how some people feel.

C. My Thoughts:

Personally, I feel this was a good way to handle the book. It felt political enough to be relatable without feeling like you were being drowned in unnecessary political dribble. The way the writer handled the situation felt natural, something that would realistically happen if our world was faced with this situation

Extraordinary X-Men

A. What Happened?

In the Marvel Universe, there is currently a struggle between mutants and Inhumans. In the opening pages of issue 1, this struggle had become too much for the X-Men. Terrigen Mist had begun to basically cause no more mutants to be created and the remaining mutants would slowly be killed by the mist. After Scott Summers tried to reverse the effects of the mist, the world once again began hating and bullying Mutants.

B. Real World Connection:

It goes without a doubt the clearest connection is segregation. The way mutants have always been treated is similar to the violent ways blacks were treated by whites.Humans are once again rallying against Mutants and publicly attacking them both verbally and physically simply because they are different. This is a clear connection.that I felt needed to be addressed. Now, let’s dig into my thoughts on the matter.

C. My Thoughts:

The negative way blacks were treated at that time was an absolute tragedy and a stain that will never be removed. The way the X-Men have been treated also is not right, but to me, is incomparable to this situation. The X-Men’s biggest foe is a fellow Mutant whom they disagree with on how to react to being treated by humans, sure Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr both handled the situation in two different ways, but they both fought for the same cause and never each other.  I see no problem with this symbolism with how it was used in the past, but it annoys me that this connection was brought back in the newer series as the “cause” of this is lackluster. I feel more unique stories could have been told than rehashing a concept we have seen many times.


Racism is a serious matter that is important for comics to cover to help express the ways of how we should handle this situation using a strong story. I do not think racism should be used as an afterthought or to promote a writer’s political view, but rather be used in parallel with a strong story. I have more thoughts that I want to share concerning the comic series “Champions”, but as the book is still on-going, I will hold those thoughts till a later date. If you would like to know when the follow-up article is posted, simply “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or just follow @Cjohnson0545 on Twitter to know when the article is posted.

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Individualization feating Champions #3

DISCLAIMER: This is a series written by Mark Waid. All characters are owned by Marvel Comics. Thoughts are all mine.


Thoughts by: Christopher Johnson


  1. Introduction:

Champions # 3 was written by Mark Waid w/ art by Humberto Ramos.  If you missed the review for the second issue it can be found here. This issue centers around the team as they fight for Women’s Rights in the fictional country of Sharzad. Let’s begin this, shall we?

  1. The Review

– The Cho/Viv Kiss

After the kiss at the end of the last issue, I expected the absolute worst. This issue starts off with the aftermath of the kiss. My expectation was some kind of annoying teen romance love triangle, but what we received was absolutely nothing. Viv(a synthezoid) wanted to kiss someone just to see what effect it would have on her neural receptors and found there to be no significant change while Cho was unimpressed with kissing a synthezoid.  This was the best possible way to follow up that kiss as it was an unexpected twist that led to some good conversation.

– Cho’s personality

This is probably the last time I will complain about this as this is my third time complaining about this, but Cho’s personality just isn’t how I would imagine Cho to be, but I need to give Waid credit for consistency. In writing Cho incorrectly in all 3 issues. I really do not have anything else to add about this, but I just thought I would share this thought.

– Team Leader?

Cyclops, Kamala, and Cho are all nominated to be the team leader by either someone else or by themselves. I do not like their being a team leader in this team as this seems to be a different kind of team book, I would rather them be a team that works as one and do not follow someone else, but having someone to be the face of the team makes a lot of sense.

If I had to pick who I’d like to be the team leader, Kamala is the clear choice by how Waid has written the team. This Cyclops is a young time-displaced Cyclops who I believe has not led a team for that long of a time. Plus, add on the fact that he is the newest member. I believe the leader should be someone who has been on the team since the team’s creation. Kamala is the obvious choice as she created the team’s mission and has already been the face of the team.

-The Fight for Women’s Rights

The main story is really interesting. Viv finds a message sent from a girl from Sharzad using #Champions. She learns that the country of Sharzad is overrun by tyrannical men who have no regard for Women’s rights. I have two thoughts about this story.

I liked how Waid handled the story. They went into the country but knew if they fight for the Woman then there would be no argument for them to have rights as they could be seen as being too weak to fight for their own rights. The Champions worked with the women and fought with them for their freedom. This way, the woman can be seen as strong and independent therefore can be seen having earned their freedoms instead of it looking like it was given to them.

I am wary of the direction of this series. Having seen what the direction is, I am afraid Waid will turn this from unique take about using nonviolence to win and turn this into a political propaganda piece. I will not give up on this issue yet, but that will be in the back of my mind as I am reading this book.

  1. Conclusion:

This book is still a unique take on the teen team genre while containing a theme that can relate to topics in our everyday life. This issue was very satisfying despite a couple minor complaints of mine. As of right now I highly recommend this issue and of course this series as a whole. If you would like to know when the review for issue 4 is released, simply “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or follow @CJohnson0545 on Twitter.

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Individualization featuring Infamous Iron Man #2

UPDATE: Due to no time to write, this review is 2 weeks late. Champions #3 was released this week so I will get that review out by this time next week, Enjoy.
DISCLAIMER: This is a series written by Brian Michael Bendis. All characters are owned by Marvel Comics. Thoughts are all mine.15415950_10207699261946302_1826530059_n


Thoughts by: C. Johnson



  1. Introduction:

Infamous Iron Man #2 was written by Brian Michael Bendis w/ art by Alex Maleev.  If you missed the review for the first issue it can be found here. This issue centers around Ben Grimm trying to find Victor while Victor is trying to recruit villains to his cause. Let’s hop into this, shall we?.

  1. The Review:

A. The cover art/Ben Grimm’s role

I liked how Ben Grimm has been handled so far. Just a man on a mission trying to find Doom. I think it makes sense from a logic standpoint, but the cover of this issue annoys me. I know covers in comics are always drawn to attract readers and should never be taken seriously, but this one annoys me. The cover shows Ben Grimm fighting Doom, but they don’t even meet until the last issue.  Hopefully, the next issue rewards us with a good Thing vs. Doom showdown.

B. Victor’s Plan

All we know is that Doom approached the Mad Thinker and tried to convince him to join him for his “Cause for Humanity”. We are not clued in on what the cause is or in what ways The Mad Thinker can contribute to it, but it is a clue that Doom has a reason for becoming Iron Man and will hopefully be one of evil intentions.

C. Doom’s Armor

I really really like this armor. It looks like a typically Iron Man armor, but the color scheme is a mixture of grays and a dark green and then he has a cape/cowl combo. This armor does a great job of representing what you would expect from an Iron Man Armor worn by Dr. Doom.

3. Conclusion:

I disliked the way this issue was advertised, but other than that it was a good issue. I am really interested in what Doom’s plan is and am excited to see Thing vs. Doom. Overall, I recommend this issue and am shocked that I am enjoying a book by Bendis even if it is issue 2.

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Meet Squirrel Girl part 2: How Did She Defeat Dr. Doom?

DISCLAIMER: The character was created by Steve Ditko and Will Murray. The rights belong to Marvel Comics.


Thoughts by: Christopher Johnson



In continuing the series on Doreen Green AKA Squirrel Girl(part 1 can be found here), I thought it would be good to discuss her victories and she how she is able to defeat such Before we begin, there is a list below containing the villains she has defeated in battle.. Afterwards, there are 3 villains I want to talk about and (possibly) discover how she could ever defeat them in a fight.

List of Villains she has defeated in combat:

  • Doctor Doom
  • Mandarin
  • Giganto
  • M.O.D.O.K.
  • Thanos
  • Terrax
  • Bug-Eyed Voice
  • Bi-Beast
  • Deadpool
  • and Pluto


Doctor Doom:

As I have stated before, this fight occurred when Doom captured Iron Man and Squirrel Girl had to save him. This battle was won for 2 reasons. Doom had been distracted by simply underestimating her and she defeated Doom by rushing a lot of squirrels at him to where he couldn’t even move. Now, it was clear how she defeated Doom…the next one? Not so much.


Thanos’ loss to Squirrel Girl is swirled up in ambiguity. It was a fight that took placed off screen so we have no knowledge of how she defeated him, but we do have Uatu showing up confirming that it was the real Thanos.

Since then Thanos revealed he has perfected a way to create clones in which even the most cosmic of beings couldn’t tell is a clone. Basically, we have no idea if she defeated the tiue Thanos or a mere clone. This battle(and the one before) were battles where it was just her and her squirrels. Unfortunately not all of her wins were done solo…


This is a more interesting defeat as this battle was already taking place by the time she entered central park. Ben Grimm AKA The Thing was battling Bi-Beast. Squirrel Girl used her wits and told her squirrel friends to collect the smelliest garbage they could find  and place it around the combatants. Bi-Beast had to use both of his hands to hold his noses where he was then knocked out by Ben Grimm.

Did SG do the knockout herself? No, but she played a major role in allowing The Thing to take out Bi- Beast.

How does she do it?:

On her own, it does not seem like Squirrel Girl has super strength or really any features besides a squirrel tail and the ability to talk to squirrels.

Without strength, how can these victories over these villains even appear to be legitimate? Well, thankfully the two of the three of the fights located above, can give us an insight to how she can pull it off.

The main reason she has won, is due to her cunning mind and ability to think of creative tactics in battle. Having squirrels rush Doom to distract him was a great strategy to force him to lose focus.

Against Bi-Beast, surrounding the fight with smelly trash causing Bi-Beast to cover his noses with both of his hands allowed The Thing the opportunity to move in and knock out Bi-Beast.  She did not have the physical strength to take him on, but she does have the power to talk to squirrels. By using them to collect garbage, the squirrels collected more garbage than a normal human could.

Doreen’s power comes from knowing her strengths and her weaknesses. By using her squirrels tactically, it allows her to catch her opponents off guard and defeat them with Squirrel Power!!!


I believe her victories are legitimate and Doreen can be a powerhouse based on her wits alone. I understand she is mostly used for comedy based on her appearance, but she is still a legitimate hero despite her joke appearance. The finale to this series will be out in 2017. If you are interested in knowing when it is out, simply “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or follow @Cjohnson0545 on Twitter.

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Individualization featuring Champions #2

DISCLAIMER: This is a series written by Mark Waid. All characters are owned by Marvel Comics. Thoughts are all mine.
Thoughts by: Christopher Johnson
“You are not going to make the woman the spoilsport, like she is in EVERY. SINGLE. MOVIE. I’m not here to make you do anything, or to keep you from doing what you want.—I just want our adventures to mean something. To enforce justice without unjust force. No punching down, no killing. Do you want that?
-Kamala Khan AKA Ms. Marvel
Champions #2 was written by Mark Waid w/ art by Humberto Ramos.  If you missed the review for the first issue it can be found here. This issue centers around the team as they camp out and run into someone who may be friend or foe. Let’s hop into this, shall we?
The Review:
The Art/Pacing:
I felt the art and the pacing were both very on point. The art looks good and really fits in with the style of the book. The issue is placed in a campfire setting and it just has a very somber tone and coloring that makes you feel relaxed while reading. The pacing of the book is also pretty good. The book flows nicely and does not feel rushed or jarring.
The Story:
As I said, the issue is set in a campfire sitting and I really enjoyed the direction of the issue. The first half is them getting to know each other and the second half involves young Cyclops wanting to join their team. To me, it worked and was enjoyable. It makes me interested to see where Waid takes issue 3.
Once again, I have trouble getting into how Waid is portraying these characters. Hulk is an egotistical jock, Kamala is very preachy and it seems like every time she has something to say, she says it with an elongated breath. Everything she says seems to be some inspirational message even when it shouldn’t be. I have heard she is very quirky in her book, but I do not get that from how Waid is portraying her. Having read “Vision”. I do not find fault with how Waid wrote Viv. The two big things Viv did in this issue was get offended at Kamala, thinking Kamala was attacking her and how she admitted to have never kissed anyone and tried to kiss Nova, but when that was interrupted, she kissed Amadeus Cho’s Hulk instead. Viv, has gone through a lot of emotional distress, so she should be damaged and unstable. Therefore, it is understandable as to why she became upset at Kamala. The second can be defended as she is an android with no knowledge of love and kissed Hulk purely based on the idea that she had never kissed any boy before. Nova and Miles seem to be fine. I do not know much about them, but I don’t have a problem with how they have been written.
Overall, the issue LOOKED good, but inside the writing was all over the place. I mean it was a smooth read that wasn’t jarring and had a sensible and enjoyable story, but once again the characterization of a couple people was just planned off for me and at times had me confused at the portrayals of the characters. If you liked this review and would like to know when the review for issue 3 is out, feel free to “Like” Comic Conversations on Facebook and follow @Cjohnson0545 on Twitter.
Do I Recommend: Yes, probably.
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