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The Best Choice? Avengers Line-Up

DISCLAIMER: “The Avengers” are a team created by Marvel Comics. Below are my thoughts on who I think works best on the Main team. By: Christopher Johnson Series Description: Over the year not only has the Avengers lineup changed over … Continue reading

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A “Twisted” Civil War 3: Alterations

(DISCLAIMER: All images and story concepts belong to Marvel Comics) By: Christopher Johnson Recap/Introduction Recap: In the first edition of “Twisted Civil War” we looked at the superhuman registration act. Basically, what it was and who supported /opposed it and … Continue reading

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Character Analysis: Hank Pym

Character Analysis: Hank Pym By: Christopher Johnson (Disclaimer: All stories and images belong to Marvel Comics…not to me) Introduction Doctor Henry “Hank” Pym also known as “Ant-Man” “Goliath” “Yellowjacket” “Wasp” “Giant Man” and “Scient Supreme”, but who is he? I … Continue reading

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Original Avengers vs. Original X-Men

Original Avengers vs. Original X-Men By: Christopher Johnson Avengers and X-Men, the two legendary teams from “Marvel Comics” both who have had numerous different lineups. Now, I know there have this has been done in the comics at several points … Continue reading

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Comics to Movies: The Infinity Wars

  (DISCLAIMER: The feature photo in the title on the cover of “The Infinity War” series issue 1 and the following article spoils “The Infinity Gauntlet” storyline but may or may not spoil the third Avengers movie…most likely not) Comics … Continue reading

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